Dec 25

Merry Christmas!


I held a collection of Christmas cards in my hand. I looked over at Aubrey.

“Oh. Should we start doing Christmas cards?”

“Oh! Yeah! That would be a good idea!”

Realizing this on December 22nd wasn’t our best moment. It’s been a crazy year, so we’re going to do the next best thing– a blog post!

2012 was obviously completely crazy for us, as we got married back in August. It was a blast, getting to see and spend time with all of our friends and family again, and it gave us both many fond memories to cherish, as well as a few great pictures.

But that’s the one everyone knows about. I got a new job and am now working for Tata Consulting Services from home. I have an office in the house with frequent appointment slots for cuddle sessions with Harpo and Chico.

We continue to take care of our two adorable dogs, Harpo and Chico. They remain parallels to us: Harpo sleeps all day and somehow retains boundless energy, while Chico is loud and annoying but continuously jumps in people’s laps against their will. I won’t elaborate to say which one of us is which, but I am currently sitting in Sam’s lap.

We still have our wonderful roommates/friends Sam, Jacob and Michelle. We have remained friends in spite of highly competitive games of Munchkin and Risk. Jacob is in school studying to be a teacher, Sam is in school studying to continue to be in school, and Michelle is enjoying not being in school.

Speaking of, Aubrey finished her Master’s Degree in International Nursing from TUI. Meanwhile, I started working on a Master’s in Software Engineering from the University of Maryland. This new education has definitely been felt, as now Aubrey talks condescendingly about government health organizations in Peru while I keep pointing at my laptop shouting, “I GET IT NOW!”

We had some fun side trips, such as flying in a hot air balloon over Napa to having various people visit and taking tours of Napa on the ground. It was a very Napa kind of year, if you get my drift.

Aubrey got to spend a month training for her new role as a critical care nurse in San Antonio, Texas. This month long training taught her a lot about caring for really needy people– more than even I usually require. I took a plane trip and visited her down there as well, and we got to do fun stuff such sit in a revolving restaurant and walk close to a river. Also, we stared at squirrels in The Alamo, which is probably more than James Bowie could ever say.

It has been a whirlwind of a year and we look forward to what the new year has in store for us, especially the chance to create new memories with the people we love.

Happy Holidays! Come out and visit us in California!

Danny and Aubrey Reid

Oct 19

Magic Balloon Ride!

Aubrey and I got the chance to take a balloon trip over Sonoma. It was gorgeous and wonderful. There’s nothing like being 30,000 feet up and being immersed in complete silence. Until a dog on the ground starts barking, at least.

There’s some fuzziness at the beginning as the guide fired up the balloon, but I still think it’s a good video. Check it out!

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Sep 22

Chico Pants!

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I’ve been taking the dogs down to the dog park recently, and this is from when I ran Chico a little hot the other day. Notice how tired he is and yet he still manages to get the ball away from me. Clever boy.

Aug 19

We Got Married!

Wow, it’s hard to believe it was over a week ago! The wedding went great (from what I remember) and no one of any consequence died. It was a lot of fun, and now I have a big honking golden ring on my finger, which is hard adjusting to. But we’re still happily together (as far as I know)!

If you want to check it out, our album is over on Facebook. These are just proofs, so when we get the touched up, nicer versions will be posted here with much glee.

If you made it out, thanks for coming. It was a blast!

Aug 02

Nine Days to Go!

Only nine days until the wedding! Sorry we haven’t been updating more, but there’s, apparently, a lot to juggle in terms of getting married. Aubrey’s heading back to Bloomington tomorrow night, and I’m going on Monday, along with a host of my friends.

Anyway, have a picture from a trip to Santa Cruz that we took earlier this month. Nice place if you get the chance to go.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Jun 07

Invitations Are Out!

If you’re here, it may be because our excellent wedding invitations went out. The front design was done by my amazing sister Katie, and it looks pretty great:

But you’ve seen that. You want to know some info!

Where It’s At

Our wedding will be in Normal, Illinois. The closest airport is the Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI).

(click for big)

Our wedding will be held on August 11th @ 2 PM at The Normal Theater in Normal, Illinois. On the above map, it is marked with a red star. It is at 209 W North St. Click here to map it.

The reception takes place @ 4 PM next door at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, in Redbird Room B. It’s address is 201 Broadway St, Normal, IL. Click here to map it.

There’s an hour between the end of the ceremony and the reception, so feel free to explore beautiful Uptown Normal!

Where to Stay

For ease of travel, the Marriott in Uptown Normal is both extremely convenient and extremely nice. You can visit their website here. They are a little pricey, but worth the money. If you do stay at the Marriott, you can also get a discount if you mention that you’re part of the Taylor-Reid wedding. Just be sure to have your rooms reserved by July 20th!

There aren’t any other hotels in Uptown Normal or around it, but the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington is also very nice. You can see their website here, but be careful, you’ll need a cab to get between the hotel and the wedding!

For any other location, feel free to ask us. We both know Bloomington-Normal well enough to know good places to stay!


Parking $1 per hour up to $6-8 for all day in the local garages. Guests at the Marriott get free parking, too.

What to do in Uptown Normal

If you’re hanging around for our wedding and need something to do, Uptown Normal has plenty of things to do. Here’s their website for plenty to explore. Some suggestions:

  • If you have young ones with you, the Children’s Discovery Museum is a ton of fun.
  • For the readers, Babbitt’s Books and the Normal Public Library are both within walking distance. Babbitt’s deals in used and rare books, while the Normal Library has everything you could want from a good library.
  • If you’re around Friday evening and need something to do, the Normal Movie Theater is not only where we’re getting married, but a fully functioning revival movie theater, showing films Thursday through Sunday @ 7 PM. Since they publish their schedules in three month chunks, we don’t know yet what they’re showing that weekend, but for only $6 it’s sure to be a good time!
  • For drinking and dinner, try Maggie O’Mileys down at the end of Beaufort. Good atmosphere and good food!
  • Or, if you’re trying to ritz it up a bit, Medici’s has really good food too!

Our Registry

We have a pretty small registry– we’ve both lived on our own for a number of years now– but we deeply appreciate anything we receive. Our registry is on Amazon, and you can view it here. Please note: if you do get us something off this list, please have it sent to our home in California!

If you don’t see anything that suits your fancy there, we also are taking donations via Pay Pal. There’s a button on the right hand bar if you want to do it that way– though checks in humorous/beautiful cards are also welcome. :)

Not that you have to get us anything– we’re happy just to have friends and family to celebrate our love with. And it’s going to be a ball! 64 days left!

Jun 02

Anatomy of a Save the Date!

Hey! Since I’m putting the finishing touches on our invitations, I thought I’d make a post about our Save the Dates we sent out a few months ago.

I wanted to do something to do with movies since we were getting married in a movie theater, and I wanted to do something that wasn’t impersonal. I wanted something that was unique and showed off what we do.

First, obviously, our inspiration came from the poster from last year’s Tree of Life:

And by ‘inspiration’, you now know I just blatantly ripped it off.

Here’s the original design for the Save the Date. Unfortunately when I assembled it, I used images of too low resolution to look good printed. Here’s the original version:

(Click for bigger)

Any interest in hearing what all of these pictures are from? I didn’t think so, but I’m going to anyways! Starting from the top left and heading right.

1 – This is the first picture we’d ever had taken together at my old apartment in Bloomington. We look so young! Not much different, but young.

2 – Jacob and I went on a road trip last year. This is one of the many endless flat areas of South Dakota. Endless.

3 – The result of my attempts at snowboarding early last year. I ended up liking skiing a lot more.

4 – This is the Marriott in Normal where our reception is being held; I took this picture while it was still under construction. See how I snuck that on there? Clever, huh?

5 – This is Aubrey at a place called The Stinking Rose in San Francisco. I like how serious both Aubreys are in their consideration of that drink.

6 – A winery in Napa that we visited last year for my birthday.

7 – This is Shibuya in Japan where Aubrey and I visited two years ago. Bright lights; big city.

8 – Aubrey and I at the Air Force Ball back in 2011. This picture may look familiar in the next Save the Date…

9 – The Normal Theater, where we’re getting married. See how I did that? Subtle!

10 – A tour around the San Francisco bay last year. This is my Captain America shot, I guess.

11 – This is a mountain outside Kofu-shi, Japan, where we’d gone hiking back in late 2010.

12 – Aubrey playing Mini-golf in Summer 2009 shortly before she moved to Arizona for the Air Force. I really like this picture, though she doesn’t. :)

13 – That’s me canoeing. Aubrey really likes this picture. I don’t know why; maybe because I’m doing all the work?

14 – Aubrey driving at Tokyo Disney. This was shortly followed by a loud evil laugh, I’m sure.

15 – Riding the fiberglass jackalope at Wall Drug in South Dakota. If you’re ever at Wall Drug, you should go! (Don’t go to Wall Drug)

16 – I wanted to put plenty of movie stuff in here, so that’s my DVD collection! You can see the Gilmore Girls, Deep Space 9, Marx Brothers, and Busby Berkeley collections among other things.

17 – Aubrey and I on our previously mentioned cruise around the San Francisco Bay.

18 – This is the cutest picture I have of our two dogs, Harpo and Chico, together, so I had to include it.

19 – Aubrey and I at the botanical garden outside Phoenix in late 2009. Daww.

20 – what

21 – Lemons from the tree in our backyard out here in California.

22 – Aubrey and I went to Ocean City, Maryland, last year, and the kite store there had a huge display of kites flying along the beach. Aubrey wanted a picture of me eating them all up. Yum yum.

23 – The trail out behind my house!

24 – Aubrey out on a rock in Monterrey earlier this year.

25 – Napa from last year. This is from Coppola’s Rubicon winery.

26 – The last and most important picture, this is us right after getting engaged. Presumably Aubrey is pointing at her engagement ring, unless she’s just really enthused about her fingernails for some reason.

But, like I said, that Save the Date was too low resolution, and some of the pictures I used just didn’t look right to me any more. Here’s the revised and final version:

(Click for bigger)

A lot of these are identical to above. I’ll skip to the ones you didn’t see before.

2 – This is Aubrey’s picture of me skydiving early last year. Fun stuff!

5 – Aubrey at her favorite restaurant in Napa, The Bounty Hunter. It’s good stuff.

8 – This was taken right before Aubrey left for basic training at the park where we went canoeing.

9 – The videostore where Aubrey and I met. :)

10 – This is from when Aubrey and I went to the Statue of Liberty (I know, no shit) together in the fall of ’11. Not the prettiest of days.

11 – The HALL of MIRRORs in Monterrey. You can see Aubrey wandering around there in the background too.

12 – Aubrey kayaking off near Sausalito! I wasn’t there for this. I don’t like kayaking. I call it crap-yaking, but don’t tell Aubrey that.

13/14 – The big two pictures were in the old invite, but now they’ve been split up. I like that my elbow in Aubrey’s picture looks like it’s coming from nowhere because of the split.

15 – Aubrey was intensely proud of this waffle sundae at Friendly’s in Maryland, and I was amazed that she just kept taking pictures of it.

17 – A llama. Aubrey. I’m not surprised they hang out together.

20 – The last new one on here is our roommate Sam’s car filled with balloons from a prank that Aubrey and I played on him last year. Sadly, due to the California sun, most popped before he saw it, leaving him with just a bunch of popped balloons to clean out of his car. That’ll show him!

I think it turned out pretty well in the end, but I think our invitations are way cooler. I guess anyone reading this will find out about that soon enough!

May 20

Cherries Jubilee!

Brought to you in amazing vertical box vision, here’s Aubrey discussing her afternoon adventure in making cherries jubilee. Enjoy!

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May 18

The Big Day Before the Big Day!

Five chicas, out for adventure!

The goal: Dresses for everyone by today or else!

My bridesmaids: Genevieve, Rachel, Brandi, and Jay (Michelle was supporting from California).

Ushers: Laurie and Katie.

Location: Four different wedding dress stores.

The theme: Rainbow!!!

With each girl having their designated color from the spectrum, we set out to find a dress that came in every color of the rainbow and every size possible. We loaded up into my mom’s SUV and we on a road trip from Normal to Peoria. We knew today was not going to be easy, so we loaded up on coffee from  the Coffee House in Normal and we were off.

Along with looking for dresses for the girls, I was on the hunt for my wedding dress. The first bridal store we went to I tried on multiple dresses in the style I thought I would like. In my head my wedding dress would look like Audrey Hepburn’s in ‘Funny Face’:

Tres magnifique!

Although the wedding dresses I tried on were pretty, something was just not right. So the search continued. The bridesmaids were not having as much luck either…

Many good lessons were learned at our first store, not to mention that we had some good fun doing a few runway walks with music.  We went to a couple of other stores with little success until we hit David Bridal. Then it was a free for all! Multiple dresses that came in multiple sizes and every color in the rainbow!

The finishing touches!Each lady will receive a clip for their hair made by a sweet girl from Etsy, and some dyable shoes from Payless and the bridesmaids/lady ushers are completed! Say Yes to the Dress has nothing on us!

After a long day of trying on dresses and plenty of moments on the cat walk, all the ladies had dresses including myself! No sneak peeks till the wedding on that one, but it is not a dress I normally would have picked out in a million years. The moment I had it on I could tell it was the one. I can’t wait for August 11th!! Till then I guess I will just need to visit the wedding dress at David Bridal…at least until my own dress finally comes in!

May 17

Chico Hates Squirrels!

This is why I can’t play fetch with my dogs:

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